Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Road to Comic-Con

With only weeks away to San Diego Comic-Con I am getting pretty pumped.  This will be my first time going and I want to see as much as humanly possible.  I started out with tickets for 2-days: Friday and Saturday.  Undoubtedly the biggest days of the 'con.  I slowly procured all 4 days.  I'm bartering my way in on two of the days and I bought an extra ticket for Thursday.  Oh and I also made it into preview night.  Rad.  So what am I looking forward to?

Back to my Roots
I grew up in San Diego.  I spent most of my youth there from Kindergarten to Sixth grade.  It was definitely hard to leave.  But now I live in the Bay Area and I wouldn't want to move anywhere else.  Still, San Diego holds a special place in my heart.  So that being said I'm really looking forward to being back in the city that made Joel Samson.  I'm looking forward to buying a Padres jersey and some Chargers apparel.  My friend wants to see the only (according to him) surviving Sam Goody left for some reason.  Haha.  I'm also really looking forward to visiting Seaport Village again.  I have such fond memories of that place.  I remember when my dad was overseas in the Navy my mom would take me and my brothers to Seaport Village to eat and watch the fireworks.  It's one of the moments I'll never forget.

Other than that, outside of the 'con I am looking forward to going to the Hilton Gaslamp Hotel to get my sweaty little hands on Mass Effect 3.  I CAN NOT WAIT.  Bioware is going to have a base camp at that hotel.  Hopefully I can buy some cool merch there too.  Also I'm going to my first live Hollywood Babble-On w/ Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman.  They do my favorite podcast ever Hollywood Babble-On and I am really looking forward to seeing them do it live.

Panels, Panels and more Panels
I'm not sure exactly which panels I will be attending because the schedule hasn't come out yet.  But here are some I will be at FOR SURE.  IGN has this handy guide up here.
Game of Thrones Thursday July 21 @  - Again courtesy of IGN they have a write up of what to expect at the panel here.  I am looking forward to seeing the entire cast especially Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke.  I may also gather the courage to ask a question.  This is the sole reason I bought a re-sale ticket for Thursday.  What a nerd.
Community Saturday July 23 @ 1:00pm - My favorite comedy of all time.  The whole cast is going to be there...wait what's that? uh huh...uh huh...what?!?  Alison Brie isn't going to be there?  Fuck this panel!  Haha...jk I'll still go.
Chuck Saturday July 23 @ 10:00am - Chuck's final season is happening and I hope they do something special for this Comic-Con panel.  I'm looking forward to being in the same room with Yvonne Strahovski.  Yum.
Legends - Mass Effect Movie Friday July 22 - Holy shit.  I heard they were making the movie but nothing concrete.  Now I hear they will be unveiling information at Comic-Con.  Boner!  I will do my darndest to see this panel.

Some panels I want to see but probably won't because of time and inconvenience: Thundercats, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, and Futurama.  These are only the TV shows I know are going to be there.

I'm looking forward to spending my hard earned money on the nerdiest things possible.  Statues, shirts, exclusives, some stuff I could probably get cheaper on Amazon.  I can't wait.  Namely I want to get some more Kotobukiya Bishoujo figures.  They are classic comic book heroines but with an anime look.  I am going to be on the look out for some more super hero shirts, hopefully there are some decent Marvel ones this time around.  Ooh and some Game of Thrones merch.  And if I see a replica Magneto helmet from X-Men First Class I will seriously consider purchasing it.  Maybe half-heartedly depending on price.  I'm not made of money people.

Auto & Photo -graphs
I never seem to make time for autographs at these shows.  This time I want to make sure to get some.  I don't even know who's signing but here are a list of folks I will try my best to get an autograph from if they are there: Jim Lee (my all-time favorite artist), Felicia Day (The Guild, super-cute redhead), anyone from Game of Thrones, and anyone from Community, Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman.  I would also like pictures with some of these folks and of course of some other hotties.  I always look forward to the rad costumes people have.  Some of these are so intricate you just have to admire the amount of time they put into them.

I will also be working at Comic-Con on Wednesday and Sunday @ the PMBQ booth #4635.  If you stop by and mention my blog you get..a high five from Joel Samson.  If you're cute you may request a hug in lieu of the high five.  Buy some stuff...we have awesome panda gear.  Who doesn't love pandas?  As you can tell I am excited about Comic-Con.  Stay tuned for my post Comic-Con update w/ pictures.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homeward Bound

It's done.  My condo is sold.  And although I pre-emptively moved back in to my parent's house a few weeks ago it wasn't final until today.  The condo was such a huge burden on me and my parents financially.  I am glad we finally got it sold.  It's sort of a nice feeling.  That being said, I will sorely miss my condo.  I learned so much from living there for almost 4 years.

First of all I loved living by myself.  I finally felt like an adult.  I am blessed with a mom who does everything for me, from cooking to laundry, so living away from her was a huge step.  I realized a few things...I hate cooking and I hate doing laundry.  But I learned to do them anyway.  Well not so much cooking, unless you count scrambled eggs and bacon.  I learned to clean up after myself more diligently.  And I learned how to take care of my own house.  When you live at home you don't realize everything you have to worry about.  Nobody is going to take care of your house but you.

I think the best lesson I took away from owning this condo was learning how to save money.  It's not so much that I was saving money, as I couldn't spend much money otherwise I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage.  My condo took about 3 quarters of my monthly income.  I would go for over two months without buying new groceries.  If I was eating Top Ramen, that means I was in dire need of a grocery run.  Oft times my refrigerator was bare, with just my water filter and some eggs.  I learned to make lunch the night before work so I wouldn't spend money on food.  I learned to live without buying every new BluRay or video game.  Instead I bought only the games and movies I REALLY wanted.  As a matter of fact I didn't buy anything I didn't really need.  This made Christmas time a little rough, but I got through it.

Some things I won't miss living there: the packed parking lot, my ridiculously far parking spot, the walk from said parking lot/spot to my house with groceries in tow, the idiots upstairs complaining about my noisy TV while their kid bangs the floor with what only sounds like a sledgehammer, the toilet that takes 3 minutes for the water to fill back up, the water that takes up to 10 minutes to warm up (depending on the time of day), and the HOA bill.

I'm going to miss my little condo.  My rooms looked so small when they were empty, but once you started loading furniture into them you realized how big they actually were.  I'm going to miss my dark red accent wall in my room.  I'm going to miss my classy looking kitchen area with beautiful cabinets and marble counter tops.  I'm going to miss my large, deep sink and my never used dish washer.  I'm going to miss having friends over and watching movies or playing videogames.  I'm going to miss decorating the one little corner of space I had in my living room during Christmas time.  I'm going to miss my 1/4 bathroom in my bedroom.  At first it seemed so ridiculous, but it was oh so awesome, especially when I had someone else living there.  I'm going to miss my toilet, although you take long to fill the back tank back up after a flush, you were powerful and you had a very wide seat.  I'm going to miss you.  I was the first of my friends to own a condo, and now I'm the first to sell one.

Smell ya later Milpitas.

Saturday, June 11, 2011